Innovation Training

"Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow" (William Pollard)


Innovative organizations have employees who feel encouraged, able and supported by leadership. We can support your organization in developing the right mindset, culture and processes to capture value through our experiential learning workshops and bootcamps.

Our online and in-person innovation programs compile over a decade of experience in teaching, consulting, and innovation - ensuring content that is relevant and practical to your needs. We tailor our programs to your organization and apply interactive, hands-on learning with real customers.

In designing the course as a stand-alone, or part of a larger transformation programme, we apply the following principles:

  1. The right mindset determines the outcome,

  2.  Understand the big picture, but focus on the individual, and

  3. Avoid templates regardless of the number of successes - all engagements (entity, person, project) come with their own assumptions and need validation.

Reach out for a discussion to understand how we can support your organizational needs.

Customer Discovery Bootcamp

Getting in front of the customer and empathizing with their needs


To train teammembers to be able to better empathize with their customers, and gather new insights from real customers for new or improved products and services.

Participants will learn how to interview and meet with real customers. For teammembers who have never engaged with a customer this will be eye-opening! An educational and inspiring session for the organization as the customer insights can be translated into actionable plans.


  • Instill a customer-focus mindset as the new business-as-usual 

  • Experiential learning of interviewing, customer insight gathering and communicating the stories gathered.

Experimentation Bootcamp

Running practical customer-focused experiments in a business setting

The bootcamp focuses on experimentation – devising quick test & learn experiments to validate assumptions in real environments. Project teams will design and build experiments for current ideas and projects, analyze the results and  iterate if required.


The methodology and schedule is designed to help realize measurable results that will enable management/investors to make  informed decisions about the (dis-) continuation of projects.


Team Dynamics & Conflict Management Workshop

Establish common ground on vision, communication and interpersonal relationships


The number one reason any endeavour fails is the lack of team communication and dynamics. This is irrespective of an internal company program, a new venture, or an initiative amongst friends.


This workshop focuses on establishing clear and simple processes within new and old teams that help to re-align interests, overcome irritations in the team and ultimately reset the team on the path to success.

Ideation Workshop

Establish common ground on vision, communication and interpersonal relationships

Ideal for any team that wants to generate new ideas for products and services within a large enterprise.


Training is based on nurturing a creative thought process and finding unique solutions as a team. Our consultants facilitate an advanced teaching and experience sharing module that helps teams in learning various aspects of creative thinking through innovation training.