Keep learning

We all have something to learn, whether it's our first day on the job or we're an industry veteran. 

To assist our clients in continuously learning and creating value, please enjoy the below list of online resources.

Udemy Course (Free)

Does your startup idea make sense?

Find out how to build the right it, before you build it right.


This course teaches you quick, easy and actionable tools to validate your startup idea. Many teams take the plunge into building only to waste resources on products/services that are not desirable, or business models that are not viable.


This course is NOT about how to build a startup - rather, it's about whether or not you should continue with your idea BEFORE you start your startup. .


Unique in this course is that it covers both Hardware (technology/products) and Digital (apps/website) solutions, and is applicable to both startup and corporate entrepreneurship environments.

Link to the course on Udemy


Udemy Course (Free)

Pitch and Presentation Storytelling

Stories stick.


Great stories have the power to engage, move, and make difficult subjects easy to grasp.

Storytelling is an essential skill for effective leadership and in high demand. It can be applied to any organizational function working with any audience on presentations, email, video, social media, writing or any other communications medium.


Using storytelling strategically will help you to improve the impact of your presentation and with that, your ability to engage, persuade and inspire others.

If you get it right, you’ll leave your audience in the perfect frame of mind to listen to your call to action, and be ready to engage and change.

Link to the course on Udemy

Online resources

Design Thinking/Value Proposition Finding/Customer Empathy


General Startup Articles

Experimentation (Customer Validation Tests)


Company Setup