Ideas are cheap. Execution is everything.

Startups present opportunity, but also extreme uncertainty. To help de-risk the venture, Persistensie assists startups in devising customer validation methods that are practical and meticulous. Apart from validating the Customer Desirability, Technology Feasibility and Business Viability of the value proposition, our consultants also ensure the Team's Ability to capture and deliver the value to customers.

For Deep-Tech Startups/Research Teams

  • Technology translation (Technology to Customer Value)

  • Product development roadmap

  • Grant writing

General Business Plan Generation & Execution

  • Customer-problem discovery and validation

  • Ideation

  • Market research (Primary & Secondary research)

  • Business model generation and validation

  • Critical assumptions prioritization & mapping

  • Prioritize, design & run customer experiments

  • Pitch creation and coaching

Our consultants have experience as founders, instructors and mentors in various Acceleration, Incubation and Venture Building programs globally.

We are able to support organizations in obtaining grants and subsidies through our accreditation as Certified Singapore Management Consultants (link)

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Our approach

An idea evolves into a value proposition when one validates:

1. The desirability by a customer

2. The feasibility to create it

3. The viability of the business 

And most importantly, the 

4. The teams ability to deliver on 1,2,3 successfully 

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All our engagements and programs ensure the implementation of the approach by starting with changing mindsets and cultures around the 4 criteria.